Proud to Be a Progressive Insurance Authorized Agent

Bridge Insurance Agency is proud to be an authorized agent for Progressive Insurance, one of the most respected names in the auto insurance industry. This partnership allows us to offer our clients a range of comprehensive and affordable insurance options from Progressive, a company known for its innovative solutions and customer-centric approach.

Why Progressive Is an Excellent Choice for Auto Insurance

Progressive Insurance has been a leader in the auto insurance industry for decades, providing reliable and innovative insurance solutions to millions of drivers across the United States. Here are some key reasons why Progressive stands out as an excellent choice for auto insurance:

1. Comprehensive Coverage Options
Progressive offers a wide array of coverage options to meet the diverse needs of drivers. Whether you need basic liability coverage or full coverage with comprehensive and collision insurance, Progressive has you covered. Their policies can be tailored to include:

– Liability Coverage: Protects you if you’re responsible for an accident that causes injury or property damage to others.
– Collision Coverage: Pays for damages to your vehicle resulting from a collision, regardless of who is at fault.
– Comprehensive Coverage: Covers non-collision-related damages such as theft, vandalism, or natural disasters.
– Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Protects you if you’re involved in an accident with a driver who has insufficient or no insurance.
– Medical Payments Coverage: Helps cover medical expenses for you and your passengers after an accident.

2. Competitive Pricing and Discounts
Progressive is known for offering competitive rates on auto insurance, making it an affordable option for many drivers. Additionally, they provide a variety of discounts that can help lower your premiums, such as:

– Safe Driver Discount: For drivers with a clean driving record.
– Multi-Policy Discount: When you bundle auto insurance with other types of insurance, like home or renters.
– Multi-Car Discount: For insuring more than one vehicle with Progressive.
– Good Student Discount: For young drivers who maintain good grades.
– Pay-in-Full Discount: For paying your premium in full upfront.

3. Snapshot® Program
One of Progressive’s most innovative features is the Snapshot® program. This usage-based insurance program monitors your driving habits through a mobile app or a plug-in device and rewards safe driving with discounts on your premium. The Snapshot® program is a great way for drivers to take control of their insurance costs by demonstrating their safe driving behavior.

4. 24/7 Customer Support and Claims Service
Progressive offers round-the-clock customer support and claims service, ensuring that help is always available when you need it. Their easy-to-use online tools and mobile app make it simple to manage your policy, file claims, and track their progress.

5. Strong Financial Stability
Progressive is financially stable and highly rated by major rating agencies, giving you peace of mind that they will be able to pay out claims promptly and efficiently. Their strong financial standing is a testament to their ability to provide reliable coverage to their policyholders.

Why Progressive Is a Great Company Overall

Beyond their exceptional auto insurance offerings, Progressive stands out as a great company for several other reasons:

1. Commitment to Innovation
Progressive has a long history of innovation in the insurance industry. They were the first major auto insurer to introduce a website and online quotes, and they continue to lead the way with new technologies and services. Their commitment to innovation ensures that customers have access to the latest tools and resources to manage their insurance needs.

2. Focus on Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Progressive’s business model. They consistently receive high marks for customer service, with dedicated representatives available to assist with any questions or concerns. Progressive also offers a variety of online resources and tools to help customers understand their coverage options and make informed decisions.

3. Corporate Social Responsibility
Progressive is committed to giving back to the communities they serve. Through various charitable initiatives and community involvement programs, they support causes that matter to their employees and customers. Their corporate social responsibility efforts include:

– The Progressive Insurance Foundation: Supports charitable organizations through grants and donations.
– Disaster Relief Efforts: Provides financial support and resources to communities affected by natural disasters.
– Environmental Sustainability: Implements eco-friendly practices and supports environmental conservation projects.

4. Diversity and Inclusion
Progressive is dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. They believe that a diverse team brings different perspectives and ideas, which leads to better decision-making and innovation. Progressive’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in their hiring practices, employee resource groups, and inclusive company culture.

Partnering with Progressive Insurance: Great Car Insurance Rates and Service

Becoming an authorized agent for Progressive Insurance is a significant milestone for Bridge Insurance Agency. This partnership allows us to offer our clients the high-quality insurance products and services that Progressive is known for. Here are some of the benefits our clients can expect from this partnership:

1. Access to Progressive’s Comprehensive Coverage Options
Our clients will have access to Progressive’s extensive range of coverage options, ensuring that they can find the right policy to meet their unique needs. Whether you need auto, home, renters, or another type of insurance, Progressive’s diverse product offerings have you covered.

2. Competitive Rates and Discounts
By partnering with Progressive, Bridge Insurance Agency can offer our clients some of the most competitive rates in the industry. Additionally, our clients can take advantage of the numerous discounts available through Progressive, helping them save even more on their insurance premiums.

3. Innovative Programs and ToolsOur clients will benefit from Progressive’s innovative programs and tools, such as the Snapshot® program and their user-friendly mobile app. These resources make it easier for our clients to manage their policies, file claims, and take control of their insurance costs.

4. Exceptional Customer Service
Progressive’s commitment to customer satisfaction aligns with our own values at Bridge Insurance Agency. Our clients can expect the same level of dedicated support and service that they have come to know and trust from us, now backed by the resources and expertise of Progressive.

5. Peace of Mind with a Trusted Insurer
By choosing Progressive, our clients can have peace of mind knowing they are insured by a financially stable and reputable company. Progressive’s strong track record and industry standing provide an added layer of security for our clients.


At Bridge Insurance Agency, we are proud to be an authorized agent for Progressive Insurance. This partnership allows us to offer our clients the best of both worlds: the personalized service and attention of a local agency, combined with the innovative solutions and comprehensive coverage options of a leading national insurer.

Local Authorized Agent For Progressive Insurance.

Progressive’s commitment to customer satisfaction, innovation, corporate social responsibility, diversity and inclusion, and employee well-being make them an ideal partner for us. We look forward to continuing to serve our clients with the high-quality insurance products and services they deserve, now with the added benefit of our partnership with Progressive.

Whether you’re a new driver looking for your first auto insurance policy or a seasoned driver seeking better coverage and rates, Bridge Insurance is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can meet your insurance needs and provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.